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USG наносит удар по X-Force
cybervlad // 07.05.03 10:50
Дефейс сайта компании, занимающейся вопросами информационной безопасности, украсит послужной список любого хакера.
[Не забывайте при копировании материала указывать полный адрес источника: http://www.bugtraq.ru/rsn/archive/2003/05/08.html]
Зеркало дефейса можно посмотреть на zone-h: http://www.zone-h.org/en/defacements/view/id=258882

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отмазка X-Force 07.05.03 18:02  
Автор: cybervlad <cybervlad> Статус: Elderman
<"чистая" ссылка>

Over the weekend of May 2, 2003, content on one of the ISS X-Force's honeypot research servers was modified by USG. This server, X-Force Internet Watch (http://xfiw.iss.net/), was a publicly available web server on the Internet. The server's official and publicly promoted purpose was to make available to university students a free version of BlackICE PC Protection. The X-Force Internet Watch server was specifically selected to be a honeypot because of the association with university students and the well-known fact that students actively hack systems. The server was configured to include numerous vulnerabilities, including several well-known, older vulnerabilities.

The X-Force immediately identified the activity and initiated detailed monitoring. Once the X-Force completed this monitoring, the honeypot server was disabled to perform standard X-Force malware analysis. As is typical, this activity has resulted in the identification of new hacking tools. The X-Force is currently finalizing their investigation and working to include added protection in upcoming XPUs for our products. Once the X-Force has completed their investigation, the X-Force Internet Watch server will be made available, but will no longer serve as a honeypot.
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