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Symantec and veritas подтвердили объединение 12.07.05 12:44  
Автор: Garick <Yuriy> Статус: Elderman
<"чистая" ссылка>
Вот пришло по партнерской рассылке.

Dear Sir / Madam
I am pleased to announce that the merger of Symantec and VERITAS has been completed. As a combined company, we can now deliver even greater value to you by providing both information availability and security solutions to help you address your organization's top information technology priorities.
As we integrate the two companies, we are fully committed to making the transition to the new Symantec as smooth as possible for you by leveraging both organizations' existing proven expertise and processes. Our goal is to allow you to do business the same way you did with both Symantec and VERITAS as separate companies prior to the merger. We also are looking forward to bringing together our combined resources and knowledge to further improve your experience with the new Symantec, as we move ahead on our integration.
For example, over the coming months, we will be focused on enhancing our combined support offerings by leveraging the best practices of both companies to improve your support experience. In the interim, you will continue to receive exceptional support from the same people who have been assisting you previously. Please continue to use support as you have in the past, either online, via phone, or through your Business Critical or Premium Platinum Services account team.
We have also created a customer resource website to help answer any questions that you may have during this transition period: www.symantec.com/merger. We hope this site, which includes an in-depth Customer FAQ, will serve as a valuable resource for you. If you have any feedback, we would like to hear from you. Please send your comments to customer_voice@symantec.com.
As we have stated before, Symantec remains steadfastly committed to further developing and enhancing our products' abilities to address our customers' business and technical requirements. All of our products will continue their lifecycles as planned. Any changes in products or product direction will only occur as a result of normal product portfolio management, and will be communicated with ample time for you to plan for a transition to new technologies. As we move ahead, we are focused on leveraging the tremendous opportunities for innovation as we integrate our availability and security technologies to better serve your IT needs today and in the future.
We greatly appreciate your continued loyalty and look forward to establishing an even greater partnership with you.
Best regards,
Gary Bloom,
Vice Chairman and President
Worldwide Sales, Services and Corporate Development
Symantec Corporation

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